Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Official, They Love Each Other

The following photos are not the best quality photos I've ever taken, but boy do they tell the story between the bonding of brother and sister. Tonight, for the first time, I knew for sure my children loved each other. It was definitely official, when Marley gave Charlie her new Lightning McQueen car papa bought her. I knew then, this was serious.

He just loves her.

Get used to it, the first of many hair pulls.


  1. ADORABLE! I remember these moments with my daughter and son... I want them back. LOL Enjoy while it lasts. :)

  2. the photos are delightful. i love the one where charlies fist are to his mouth. how sweet!

  3. These are priceless Meg!! You have the cutest kids!! Love these days while they last... before long Marley won't be too keen on giving up her toys to the little boys getting into all her stuff. lol

  4. These are absolutely precious! What great memories. They sure do love each other.