Monday, March 9, 2009

It's All About Me

I'm taking over Marley and Charlie's blog, with rare photos of myself. I was in need of a good photo of myself for an upcoming blog that is under construction that I am apart of. It is a blog written by 5 women photographers from across the country ranging from Montana to Massachussetts with some stops in between. My dear friend and business partner, Sarah of Joyful Photography came over to exchange photo shoots. She was in need of a new photo as well, and she is one of the 5 contributors to our new blog. I decided to share with you my favorites, of the photos she took of me, and I of her.

You didn't think she was actually going to let Sarah and I steal the spotlight did you? Of course not, this little girl who now refuses to let me take her photo anymore, was more than eager to jump in front of the lens when she saw me taking somebody else's photo.


  1. gorgeous shots!!! who will come and take mine?!! megan i love your hair and you in the radio flyer is so perfect!!!

  2. well hello good lookin' ladies!!
    no fair! i need one of you for my photo!!