Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House

Tonight a group of fellow mamas, whom I call my friends, began our adventures in volunteering together and giving back to the community. This was our first time to cook at the Ronald McDonald House in town, for the families staying there with children who are sick and in the hospital.

We arrived early and baked cornbread and cinnamon rolls. Two of us had prepared chili earlier in the day so it had time to cook all of the flavors in. Some people donated some of the food, who couldn't actually stay and cook. You won't see them in the photos, but they contributed just the same, and we are thankful for that.

Although we didn't actually see anybody staying at the house eat our food, we are hopeful that some of it got eaten later after we left. Two of the staff at the Ronald McDonald House did get to eat our meal, as well as we did ourselves. We sampled some of the goods, realizing that they were going to have a whole lot of leftovers.

Here are a few shots from the evening. I will narrate.

This is everybody who stayed and cooked, minus myself. Two of which are pregnant and due just a week apart, the other was pregnant with me and had her baby two days after me. Must be something in the water.

This is the delicious cornbread, made with Jiffy cornbread mix and yellow cake.

This is what happens when you try and take a fellow photog's photo.

And another fellow photog. I'm telling you people, never photograph a photog, they just never cooperate!

Now if this doesn't make you hungry, nothing will.

Looks good enough to eat, just ask one of the pregnant mamas, she couldn't resist for very long.

And I didn't want her to have to go it alone.

The cinnamon rolls, minus the one we split.

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  1. such a nice thing to do. and please pass me one of those cinnamon rolls........!