Thursday, February 19, 2009

Charlie Brown

This post is a little picture heavy, but I couldn't help myself. Charlie is just getting so big and healthy looking. His personality shines through more and more each day.

And have you ever seen a more perfect pout?
I've been working on this baby mobile for Charlie. I made it using scrapbook papers that I had been collecting, that I never put to use. He is so fascinated with anything up on the ceiling so I thought he might enjoy my creation. Now I just need to get it hung. I will take better photos when I get it in place.
And I took these photos over the long weekend we had. I thought this photo really represents life as we know it these days. Steve with the two kiddos, Charlie sticking his tongue out, Marley ready to squirm away but also wanting in on the action. And the one below it is priceless. Look at the way Charlie looks at his daddy. I wonder if he's thinking, "hey guy, you look just like me."