Friday, February 6, 2009

Random Act of Kindness

I did a random act of kindness tonight. I was dropping my husband off at his car. He had parked at Spangles after work, when a co-worker of his who lives in a neighboring town gave him a ride there to my parents' cabin where I was staying with my parents and the kids today. I didn't want to drive back with nobody to tend to Charlie if he started crying in the backseat. So Steve came to the cabin after working late and I was dropping him back off at his car where he had parked it at Spangles, so we wouldn't have to drive clear back to his work to get his car. Spangles was on the way. There was a homeless man sitting directly in front of our cars, leaning up against a tree. He didn't look drunk, just homeless. He had some of his possessions with him. I got out to switch places with Steve, so I could drive home, while Steve was getting in his car. The homeless man spoke to us, he just said hello and I said hello back. My husband pulled away and I had accidentally bumped the horn when I was turned around putting Charlie's pacifier in before I pulled away. I felt bad because it probably startled the guy. Anyway I turned to tell him sorry, with a little wave, like I didn't mean to do that. That's when I looked into his eyes, my headlights shining in his direction. He was pleasant looking, had a friendly look. I decided I would see how many $1 bills I had in my wallet and give them to him. He probably needed them more than I did. I have a roof over my head at least. Plus my husband said the man had been there when he had dropped off his car hours before, so I think he was probably staying there in the grassy area between Spangles and the K-Mart parking lot overnight. I only had $2, but I got out of the car and walked up to the man. Steve had already drove off, and I know that was risky, but it felt right. I said "Could you use this?" And he said, "I guess I probably could." He took the money and said "Thank you young lady, you have a wonderful year." I told him, "You too" and walked away. I wanted him to know there was kindness in unexpected places, to not lose hope. Who knows what he does with the money, but that's not really my concern. It's his life, he can do with it as he chooses. But for one brief moment, when he had little to call his own, he knew I cared.
My challenge to you is to do one random act of kindness this weekend. And if you do, let me know about it. I'd love to hear your story.


  1. i love this story. i will definitely rise to your challenge. i often think of these people who have no homes, no food, alone...that they were someone's little baby once. how the road of life has lead them down this path - it's sad. you have a good heart.

  2. You are so inpiring! Our babies were born about the same time, and I have been following Charlie's story. I, too, have had thoughts about how lucky we are despite all the challenges that have occurred with our baby girl. I saw a homeless man on the side of the freeway exit last weekend, his sign said "Bad Day, could be worse." If his day could be worse, then really, how bad could mine be? I haven't stopped thinking about him since... maybe I will see if he is there this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. When we see homeless people like this, it does truly remind us of how much we have to be grateful for and how much we have which we could give to others - whether that be time, money or material possessions. It reminds us to try and create a world where each of us treats

    'strangers as our other half,
    where nothing was too much
    for the well-being of another
    and selfishness was forgotten,
    a thing of the past.'
    (from my book 'Family and More - Enemies or Friends?')

    Thank you for posting this.

    Helena Harper