Thursday, July 9, 2009

First Visit to the Salon

I've always cut Marley's hair, a trim now and then. But summer is in full effect, added to it her new habit of putting her hair in her mouth when she's nervous, so we decided it was time for a haircut. This time I would take her to the salon, Salon 808, where mommy has her hair cut. She was kind of nervous and it got worse as it came time to sit down in the chair. She started chanting "get me outta here" over and over while simultaneously trying to flee the chair. I was holding her down, and kind of laughing so the stylist wouldn't panic. I said, what do you want, if you're good I will give you a treat, what do you want. We negotiated a deal that we would stop at Daddy Cakes afterwards and pick up a chocolate cupcake if she'd sit down and get her hair cut. It worked wonders, she did a fine job after that only fussing a bit when her hair was being blowdried. Afterwards, as promised we stopped into Daddy Cakes getting her the Death By Chocolate cupcake, as promised.

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  1. Oh my gosh Megan...she and Charlie are growing up so fast!!!